Hey! My name is Maciej. Originaly I came from Poland, but now as a barber/hairdreser, been here and there, but never found anything that grabed my heart as a work or calling. After couple years being here, ive started to take interest in mancare and afterwards in barbering. Trying combine a 9to5 job with cutting hair after work, decided that there is something special in that cutting hair experience, saved some money, and reached out to the famous Academy of old school barbering in Rotterdam, and imiedietly felt in love with the craft.

 There is not a lot of places like barber chair that you can share your experience and thougths without a judgment, or just have good’ol talk and recive a good haircut.

 The most I love about the craft is people. People who trust you with something that personal as their hair, like a buisness card, a haircut can tell a lot about someone, and I am honoured to on the spot I am, and give service that makes someone day or a smile.


Beard trim (head shave incl) €30,-
Haircut no wash €47,-
haircut with wash €52,-
Haircut+beard trim €63,-


2 weeks €28,-
3 weeks €38,-
4 weeks €47,- / €52,-